“One cannot resist the lure of Africa.” Rudyard Kipling

Whether you’ve visited before, have it on your bucket list, or it happens to be home, Africa has a reputation for getting under your skin!

Its vast and captivating territory extends forever. It seduces you with its exhilarating beauty and never lets you go.

We capture the lure of Africa through emblematic motifs that are evocative of this wondrous continent.

Here is where legends live and magic comes alive.

We create jewellery for those who dream of the wild heart of Africa.


Simply Zuri was created from a desire to provide women with everyday wear charms, while the parent brand, SHIKHAZURI, houses bold and exotic African beaded jewellery for when you really want to make a statement.

Although the Simply Zuri aesthetic is minimalist in comparison to SHIKHAZURI’s more elaborate style, revealing the story and symbolism behind each piece remains central to your experience.

Clean and modern silhouettes, coupled with functional design, ensures our jewellery will uplift rather than weigh you down. Perfect for the global nomad who seeks to carry a piece of Africa on her every day journey.

Tell the wold who you are, what you value, and where you’ve been. Explore our collections and find the African talisman jewellery that speaks to your soul.


My jewellery making journey began while working on a wildlife conservation project in Kenya as a means to raise funds to help care for orphaned animals and rehabilitate them back to the wild.  It soon became clear that I was on to something, and the ability to link my tri-fold passions for travel, design and conservation was enough motivation to get me started. More on my backstory here.

The Afro-centric brand focus stems from my love for the beauty and cultural diversity that I’ve grown up with, experienced during my travels around the continent, and always come back home to in Kenya.


To nurture dreams and preserve memories through jewellery that can be bought, gifted and worn by animal lovers and adventurers;

To create stories and memories that can be shared with loved ones, through quality keepsakes that can be cherished forever;

And ultimately, to inspire a new generation of conservationists through our jewellery.

Don’t let the African wilderness become a forgotten dream. Let’s preserve it for generations to come!


Drop us a line to enquire about becoming a stockist and become part of the trend that keeps our loyal tribe coming back for more!

About Shikha Vincent African Talisman Jewellery

Shikha Vincent, Founder & CEO