Rhino horn deserves better!

Rhino horn deserves better!

There are few things that make me angry. I consider myself to be pretty tolerant of most things. Receptive to changes in our ever changing world. But every so often I encounter something that really grates me. Last week was one of those occasions. When I...

What is a talisman?

What is a talisman?

You’ve seen the word talisman being used to describe our jewellery, but you might be wondering... What is a talisman? Let’s clear up the mystery for you. The literal meaning of talisman is derived from the Greek word ‘telesma’ that denotes it as a sacred...

My Jewellery Story

Having trained as a lawyer, I often get asked when and why I started making jewellery. What many people don’t know is that while I’ve always been mesmerised by different forms of adornment that I’ve encountered during my travels around the world, I never actually...




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