Acacia Tree Silver Plated Bangle



The majestic Acacia, scattered along the savanna, is one of the most iconic trees in Africa. However, there is more to its exotic beauty than meets the eye with this Acacia Tree of Life Bangle.

The tree holds spiritual significance amongst the ancient Egyptians and Freemasons who believe that the sacred properties of the tree represent the immortality of the soul. Various African rituals also make use of the Acacia as a reminder that the soul shall never die and will live for eternity. This evergreen tree therefore represents purity, resilience and renewal.

 Its practical uses are endless. The tree’s gum and tannins are known to remedy various ailments, and is used in making paints, cosmetics, medicines, silk and paper. Acacias provide food and shelter to countless species of animals, birds and insects. It is also used as a dietary supplement due to its great nutritional value.

The Acacia represents the number 9 in numerology, which symbolises the completion of a cycle, connectedness and a lifetime of fulfilment, as well as tolerance towards different viewpoints.

From its symbolic representation to its invaluable benefits, the Acacia tree literally is Africa’s tree of life. Be at one with nature, practice compassion and feel endless abundance with the Acacia Tree Silver Plated Bangle.

This lovely bangle is also available in gold finish.

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Acacia Tree Silver Plated Bangle

  • Charm size: approx. width 2.2cm x length 1.8cm
  • Bangle diameter: approx 2.5 inches (expandable)
  • Silver plated brass
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Accompanied by a story card describing the cultural significance and symbolism behind the Acacia Tree
  • Securely packaged and inserted in a complementary jewellery pouch
  • Custom variations of this design may be available. To enquire, contact us here

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