Kakakuona Gold Plated Pangolin Earrings



Kakakuona, the Swahili name for the pangolin, is also known as the scaly anteater. It is one of the world’s most trafficked mammals, due to the belief in some cultures that their scales have special medicinal properties (in spite of them being made of keratin – the same protein that makes up human hair and nails)!

When threatened, a pangolin will curl up tightly into a ball which is impenetrable to predators. Its scales provide an armour-like defence and represent protection. Although solitary, they are incredible resilient and can fend for themselves, showing the strength and sense of contentment that can come from being independent.

May the pangolin encourage you to tune into your environment, heighten your perception and tap into your innate wisdom and strength to protect yourself.

Due to its rarity and enigmatic nature, it is regarded in some African cultures as a symbol of good fortune when spotted, while killing one is thought to be a taboo act that invites bad luck. Some cultures revere it as a healing emblem to people unable to bear children. It serves as a symbol of hope that if such a bizarre creature can exist, then anything is possible. Drawing on these traditional ties and cultural beliefs may encourage people not to persecute them and instead revere and conserve these amazing creatures.

The gold plated pangolin earrings look stunning in silver too.

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Kakakuona Gold Plated Pangolin Earrings

  • Earring size: approx. width 2.2cm x 2.2cm (not including ear wire)
  • 14k gold plated brass
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Accompanied by a story card describing the cultural significance and symbolism behind the pangolin
  • Securely packaged and inserted in a complementary jewellery pouch
  • Custom variations of this design may be available. To enquire, contact us here

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