Kifaru Silver Rhino Cord Necklace



Kifaru, the Swahili name for rhino, is a tough, resilient and powerful mammal. These pre-historic looking creatures have been on our planet for over 50 million years and have always inspired fear and admiration.

They are known to be ill-tempered when threatened, so approach them with care. And don’t be fooled by their size; rhinos are incredibly agile and can charge with explosive power! They are otherwise quite passive and gentle beasts, leading our perception of the rhino to be full of contradictions. Just goes to show that things are not always as them seem…

Praise poems of Tswana chiefs and leaders in Botswana are replete with references to the rhino as a leadership symbol. Dignitaries are associated with the characteristics typically attributed to the animal: aggressive and authoritarian, as well as sure-footed and calm.

Just as it can charge forward fearlessly, may it inspire the confidence you need to conquer and triumph over obstacles in your way. Feel grounded by the majestic authority of this extraordinary animal when you wear the Kifaru necklace.



Kifaru Silver Rhino Cord Necklace

  • Pendant size: width 2.1cm x length 3cm
  • Silver plated brass pendant; lead and nickel free
  • Animal-friendly faux suede cord – available in Black, Grey, Safari Green, Dark Brown or Beige
  • Necklace length can be adjusted using slider bead
  • Accompanied by a story card describing the cultural significance and symbolism behind the rhino
  • Securely packaged and inserted in a complementary jewellery pouch
  • Custom variations of this design may be available. To enquire, contact us here

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Black, Grey, Green, Brown, Beige