Nyuki Silver Plated Bee Earrings



Nyuki is the Swahili name for the bee. Whether you’re fascinated by bees or tend to run away from them, we all enjoy the fruits of their labour. Bees are a small but mighty force that play a vital role in our ecosystem by pollinating plants. This is necessary to the on-going life cycle of many crops. Unfortunately, bees’ numbers are declining, primarily due to loss of habitat, decreasing crop diversity and pesticide use.

Einstein believed so deeply in the importance of bees that he predicted if they disappeared, humans would have only four years of life left: “No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Indeed, bees are integral to the circle of life! They provide us with honey, beeswax and propolis, amongst other nutrient rich and medicinal gifts, giving bees the symbolic value of providence. As they go from flower to flower, that progression enriches the world.

The pollination process alludes to their social nature. They live and work as a community, symbolising the power of teamwork and networking. In addition to inspiring you to adopt a strong and collaborative work ethic, may the bee also remind you the importance of taking the time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work, and to stop and smell the roses.

There’s so much to learn from these bountiful insects. May the bee inspire you to pursue your life’s mission with determination, no matter what may come your way.

The silver plated bee earrings are also beautiful in gold finish.

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Nyuki Silver Plated Bee Earrings

  • Earring size: approx. width 2.2cm x 1.6cm
  • Silver plated brass
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Accompanied by a story card describing the cultural significance and symbolism behind the bee
  • Securely packaged and inserted in a complementary jewellery pouch
  • Custom variations of this design may be available. To enquire, contact us here

Learn more about the bee and its symbolism here.