Can you imagine a world without elephants?  There’s something incredibly humbling about these majestic creatures, which we pay tribute to with our save the elephants jewellery. Sadly their numbers are falling rapidly due to increased poaching for their ivory as well as threats to their environment across Africa.

This collection aims to raise the profile of elephant conservation and increase awareness about the plight of these wonderful animals. 20% of sales from this collection is donated to Save the Elephants, a charity that works to sustain elephant populations and preserve the habitats in which elephants are found, while fostering a heightened appreciation and visibility for elephants and their often fragile existence.

Our Save the Elephants jewellery makes a beautiful gift with a feel good factor knowing that your purchase is contributing to the amazing work done by elephant conservationists. Each necklace is paired with a lovely recycled glass bead from Ghana which adds a touch of personalised elegance. Which one will you choose?

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