You’ve seen the word talisman being used to describe our jewellery, but you might be wondering…

What is a talisman?

Let’s clear up the mystery for you. The literal meaning of talisman is derived from the Greek word ‘telesma’ that denotes it as a sacred object. It is a decorative item that is believed to bless its bearer with supernatural powers and protection against evil. They feature in almost every religion and culture to attract success, good luck, healing, and protection.

A bit about their history

Traditionally talismans were made in any material that held symbolic value to the user. In the Victorian Era, charms were custom-made with ribbons attached to them. Particularly popular with brides, they represented various aspects of life including love, success, marital bliss and wealth. In 20th century America, the middle class was particularly fond of talismans.

Talismans also held significance in ancient African rituals. They were regarded as sanctified with divine spirit powers. Largely dubbed as ‘white voodoo magic’, they were used in finding love, as well as to provide protection from enemies and to bring blessings.

African Talismans were commonly made from clay and wood of specific trees to form a medallion that could be worn around the neck or wrist. The practice gradually evolved to create similar talismans from metals, glass, and other materials.

What’s in it for you?

Who doesn’t love a lucky charm?

The main function of a talisman is to create powerful transformations to your health, luck, mental and emotional well-being. Creating a regime of good luck to promote these changes has never been easier with your favourite talisman.

Give your emotions a boost!

Since antiquity, talismans have been used to empower people and heal emotions such as fear, low self-esteem, anger, and lack of confidence. They are believed to create a secure aura around a person, bless you with positive energy, and repel all negative energy.

Focus comes easy

A talisman works by channeling your emotions and feelings on the right path. It helps you focus your thoughts to perform the right actions that are needed and create useful habits for achieving your desired destiny.

Spiritualism amplified

For the spiritually inclined, talismans have been reputed to help connect you with the power of “universal life force”. This power holds immense energy and will help you to multiply your own efforts.

You don’t have to take our word for it… there are endless examples from religions and cultures around the world. At Simply Zuri we’ve adapted a few from Eastern cultures and infused them with the beauty and serenity of Africa’s natural heritage in the Amani Collection, while the Big Five collection infuses the properties of Africa’s magnificent animals to make our jewellery feel alive and powerful to wear.

So what are you waiting for? Go and explore your favourite here.